Wind Assessment Data Services

One of the most important steps in the development of a potential wind site is the collection of accurate and verifiable wind speed and direction data. Anemometry Specialists possesses extensive experience in coordinating, designing and installing met towers, sensors and data loggers for the collection of accurate and verifiable wind data. Accurate wind data is essential for wind energy project developers and financing institutions.

Data loggers are electronic recorders that receive and process signals from sensors such as anemometers and wind vanes. Information from the data loggers is used to select sites for development and to monitor operating projects. The wind data from the data loggers is used to generate production estimates and determine the feasibility for site development.

Data loggers are designed to deal with extreme climates. They require low power consumption because wind sites are remote. Data collection typically includes more than measuring wind speed and direction. It should also include temperature and humidity, because these influence air density, and air density affects the amount of energy in the wind. Temperature is also an important factor in determining the conditions turbines will face at the site.

The majority of wind data is received using wireless internet, wired telephone modem or cellular modems. Local storage is an important backup in case of communication problems. Virtually all loggers now offer removable storage media such as compact flash cards.

Anemometry Specialists installs wind measurement systems manufactured by:

• NRG Systems
• Second Wind
• Campbell Scientific
• Young
• Vector Instruments
• WindSensor
• Thies Clima
• Advanced Mast Systems
• Met One


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