Renewable energy

Fulfilling your wind and solar resource assessment needs.


Anemometry Specialists, Inc takes the time to find the best and most reliable equipment for our customers. Here are some quality projects that we have installed for our customers.

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Anemometry Specialists, Inc is a wind and solar energy assessment company. We provide installation, maintenance and repairs for met towers, solar resource assessment equipment, and remote sensing.

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Anemometry Specialists, Inc has been working with the major equipment providers in the industry for over 19 years. These relationships make it possible for us to provide our customers with competitive pricing and significant discounts.

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Welcome to Anemometry Specialists, Inc. Based out of Alta, Iowa, we can fulfill all your resource assessment needs. We combine experience and reliability, with convenience and quality that produces dependable and consistent results. We have established a culture here that supports our employees so they can provide the exceptional services our customers expect.