MET Tower Installation

RNRG-Training-Certificate-ASAnemometry Specialists is recognized as one of the leaders in Met tower installation services. Our experienced technicians have installed over 2,100 Met towers in 35 states and 16 international locations. We specialize in installing equipment manufactured by NRG Systems, SecondWind by Vaisala, Campbell Scientific, and Met One.

Anemometry Specialists is an Authorized Renewable NRG Systems Dealer. We have installed and maintained more NRG 80m XHD TallTowers than any other installer to date.  ASI is certified at installing these towers and has successfully completed the customer training program.

We have several full time experienced installation crews that are available and trained to install in a variety of climates and in remote locations. We adhere to strict quality control procedures and installation documentation so that all of our tower installations meet or exceed industry standards.

The towers are equipped with sensors and data loggers to collect wind data at various heights to ensure suitable wind speeds for wind energy projects. Anemometry Specialists installs tilt-up Met towers up to 80 meter in heights. Multiple anchor methods are used to secure the towers based on the ground conditions and terrain. We also perform custom installations of specialized sensors, wildlife diversion, fencing and FAA approved lighting.