Tower Maintenance & Repair

Tower Maintenance and Repair

Periodic tower inspections and maintenance can prevent more costly repairs due to system failures and help ensure accurate and reliable wind data. Tower data should always be monitored for irregularities that may indicate potential sensor or equipment failures, but observing data alone is not enough. Scheduling met tower service inspections will help protect your wind assessment investment. A visual inspection of all monitoring equipment, met tower, cabling and grounding systems can prevent lost data and save you money.

Anemometry Specialists, Inc. provides fully documented inspections and maintenance including digital photos. Maintenance inspections are usually scheduled to coincide with other tower projects. We are always ready to help in the event of an unexpected problem. Call us today to find out more about our tower maintenance and inspection service. Below are some of the inspections performed:

General Maintenance Items

  • Visual tower inspection and adjustment
  • PV panel cleaning
  • Checking of logger batteries (replacement if necessary)
  • Lubricating the combination lock on logger
  • Straightening / repairing / reinforcing of fencing (if installed)
  • Inspection and adjustment of guy wires
  • Testing of all sensors and anemometers
  • Inspection of logger
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